We have collected some of the most useful tricks and tips to prepare homeowners for the winter. If you read through these articles you will be ready to take on the winter.

Protect Pipes from Freezing

To protect the pipes from freezing in the winter try to insulate them with snap-on foam. Apply the foam to the pipes that are accessible without any gaps. Secure the foam with duct tape around the joints. If you have a garden hose, a sprinkler system or exterior faucet, it is crucial you drain them. Blow compressed air through the hose or sprinkler system to drain them. If you don’t drain the water out of them, the water will freeze and that can damage the pipes and the hose.

DeIce the Sidewalks and Stairs

fireDuring the winter, every time someone goes out or in your home, you are putting them in danger. There is a possibility they will slip on the ice and fall. To prevent the ice from forming on your sidewalk or stairs you need to use some kind of dicer chemical solution. They contain a certain amount of salt because salt water has a much lower freezing point than regular water. It will only break the bond between the ice and the concrete you will still need to shovel it off.

 Fire safety equipment

There are 2 items that you need to have in your home if you going to have a fireplace. Fire Extinguisher is important because if the fire somehow spreads through the house you need to have something to put it out with. A Smoke Detector can be very useful. If you are asleep you probably wouldn’t notice the smoke and you would suffocate. Having installed a smoke detector it can save your life by alarming you there are smoke and a possible fire in the house.