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Our Team

As mentioned before we have created this Website to help other people and make their lives much easier. If you have just moved to a new home with your family or you just want to know some tricks that you can apply in your home, don’t look further. At our Website, you can find tips and tricks for any segment of your house. If you read carefully through our articles you will learn new easy ways you can protect your home and your family, things you should and shouldn’t do and easier ways for doing stuff.

Stephanie Williams
Web Designert

She is responsible for the design of the Website, her job is to make sure that site is looking pretty and organized.

Andrej C.
Web Developer

His job was to create the actual Website. He now works every day to find new ways he can improve the code for it to run smoother.

Mark Richardson

He is the one responsible for finding and testing new tricks, tips and life hacks that will, later on, be published on the website for you to try out.