Cheap ways to secure your home from thieves

Cheap ways to secure your home from thieves

Secure your Deadbolt

deadboltsThese days picking a lock is something that is easy to learn. Even amateur thieves can pick deadbolt locks. To prevent thieves from picking your lock, all you need to do is buy and install the SIMLock. It will stop the deadbolt from turning and that way make your door thief proof. Remember, you can use this tip only if you have a deadbolt that locks in vertically.

Door Alarms

You might think that installing an alarm in your home is expensive and you are not completely wrong. Installing a professional alarm system in your whole house can be expensive. But there is a cheaper alternative. Secure your doors and windows with cheap alarms. They are not activated by sound but with opening doors and windows. You can buy one at your local home centres. The installation is simple, attach one piece to the wall next to the door and the second piece to the door. You should leave ½ inch space between them. They are working on a magnetic principle. When someone opens the door, the connection between those two pieces is lost and sets the alarm off. Burglars hate noises and even a small alarm like these can make them run away.

Secure your belongings

alarmWhen a thief gets into your home, there is nothing you can do to stop him from taking whatever he wants. So making sure that you secure some of the most valuable items in your home is extremely important. The best solution is to buy a safe. When buying a safe, make sure that the safe has the option of securing onto the wall or floor. That is important because you don’t want the thief running away with your safe. Safes can be a little more expensive, depending on the type, is it fireproof or not and what kind of opening system it has – biometric or digital. Once you successfully installed the safe in your home, you can be sure that what items you put in inside will be safely locked away from any thief.